Ultimate performance with extreme expandability The HP Z800 specs show hp z800 Workstation delivers the ultimate performance in a revolutionary next-generation design.

Supporting the latest Intel® Xeon® 5500 series processors. Hp z800 workstation has intel Xeon 12 core.

It combines the extreme speed, massive expandability, and maximum productivity that you demand to tackle your biggest challenges.

The hp Z800 specs is an acclaimed workstation that is used in some of the highest demanding workforces today.

Because of its reliability, excellent performance, and surprisingly low noise output.

Hp z800 workstation uses Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT). It is an Intel-proprietary technology used to function a process execution in parallelization.

It improvises CPU’s overall performance under certain tasks by sharing useful work for processing units that would otherwise be idle.

A CPU with Hyper-Threading enabled is treated by the operating system as two CPUs instead of one.

The functioning of Hyper-threading technology required supporting the operating system as well as the CPU.

This hp z800 workstation architecture build to use Intel® Turbo Boost technology.

Primarily enhance a processor core to reduce processing time than normal.

At the time of given task execution when all processor cores are not necessary for the workload, inactive cores are going off.

Their power is directly diverted to the functioning cores of processors to increase their efficiency.

Replaced previously used “Silicon graphics Sgi o2 workstation complete features” family used for image and graphics processing industry.

Such as the auto industry for developing new models using cad/cam software over hp z800 specs workstation.

Also used in healthcare, animation, graphics designing/ special effect designing related industries where massive processing power is required.

Physical hp z800 specs

hp Z800 front and back panel specs Source : HP Z800 Workstation

Front Panel

Item Number



Three drive bays 5.25"


Insert/ eject button of Optical disk drive


Power indicator of workstation and On button


Hard drive process indicator


Three USB 2.0 ports


Headphone socket


Microphone socket


IEEE-1394A socket


CD/DVD activity light


CD/DVD Drive

Rear Panel

Item Number



Three pin power connector


PS2 Green color mouse connector 

IEEE-1394 Socket


Two RJ-45 network connectors and Bottom connector is ASF


Blue color Audio line-in socket


Keys for Side panel  access


Graphic card connectors


Green color Audio line-out socket


Pink color Microphone socket


Six USB Ports


Purple color PS/2 keyboard socket


Serial port


Cable lock slot



Weight and Dimensions

Minimum weight on full configuration: 19.5 kg (43 lb.)

Weight on Typical configuration: 21 kg (46 lb.)

Maximum weight on full configuration: 29 kg (64 lb.)

Dimension: Height: 44.4 cm (17.5 in.), Width: 20.3 cm (8.0 in.),
Depth: 52.6 cm (20.7 in.)

Components of hp z800 Workstation

hp Z800 components specs Source : HP Z800 Workstation
  1. Cooling airflow path guide
  2. Edge of Side panel
  3. Side access panel hatch and lock
  4. Fans for RAM (random access memory) cooling
  5. Rear panel system fans
  6. Power supply unit
  7. Eight-ohm speaker
  8. CD/DVD drive
  9. DVD/CD optical drive bay covers for optional or other devices
  10. Heatsinks and cooling fans for processors (CPU)
  11. DIMM RAM module
  12. A central processing unit (processor)
  13. MotherBoard
  14. Expansion card slot cover
  15. PCIe interface graphic card
  16. PCI interface card
  17. SATA hard disk drive
  18. Expansion card slot guide and front system fan holder
  19. System fan on the front panel
  20. hp z800 body

hp z800 specs of Power Supply Description

hp Z800 Power supply Source : HP Z800 Workstation


850W maximum
continuous current

1110W maximum
continuous current


+12 V-CPU0



Input to onboard regulator that supplies power to CPU0 and CPU0 fan

+12 V-CPU1



Input to onboard regulator that supplies power to CPU1 and CPU1 fan

+12 V-M0



Input to onboard regulator that supplies power to memory on CPU0

+12 V-M1



Input to onboard regulator that supplies power to memory on CPU1

+12 V-B



Input to onboard regulators that supply 3.3V and 5V, system fans

+12 V-S



PCI, PCIe, and system fans

+12 V-D



Storage (hard drive, optical disk drive, diskette drive), and input to
miscellaneous onboard regulators

+12 V-G1



PCIe auxillary connector for both connectors on 850W and one for 1110W

+12 V-G2



Second PCIe auxiliary connector on 1110W power supply




PCI and serial ports

+5 V-SB



Sleep circuitry

hp Z800 Power Consumption



Power supply

850W Wide Ranging, Active PFC

1110W Wide Ranging, Active PFC

Operating voltage range

90-269 VAC

90-269 VAC

Voltage range

100-240 VAC

118 VAC

100-240 VAC

118 VAC

Line frequency

50-60 Hz

400 Hz

50-60 Hz

400 Hz

Operating line frequency range

47-66 Hz

393-407 Hz

47-66 Hz

393-407 Hz

input current

Heat dissipation
(Configuration and software

Typical: 1707 Btu/hr = (430 kg-cal/hr)
Max: 3538 Btu/hr = (892 kg-cal/hr)

Typical: 2128 Btu/hr = (536 kg-cal/hr)
Max: 4457 Btu/hr = (1123 kg-cal/hr)
Max2: 5019 Btu/hr = (1265 kg-cal/hr)

Power supply fan

2x80x25 mm variable speed

2x80x25 mm variable speed

ENERGY STAR Qualified (config



80 PLUS compliant

80 PLUS BRONZE compliant

80 PLUS SILVER compliant

FEMP Standby Power compliant
@115V (<2W in S5 – Power Off)



EuP compliant @ 230V (<1w in S5 --
Power Off)



Power Consumption in sleep mode (as
defined by ENERGY STAR) - Suspend
to RAM (S3) (Instantly Available PC)
measured at 115V.

<20 watts

<20 watts

Built-in Self Test LED



Surge Tolerant Full Ranging Power
Supply (withstands power surges up to



hp Z800 Motherboard (System board) Configuration

hp Z800 motherboard diagram Source : HP Z800 Workstation

The workstation has Intel® 5520 chipset contain a ‘memory controller hub’ and an ‘I/O controller hub’. Both are known as ‘northbridge’ and ‘southbridge’ respectively.

The northbridge connects to the processors, memory, high-speed I/O buses such as PCI Express, and the southbridge.

On the other hand, the southbridge connects to lower-speed I/O buses, such as SATA, PCI, USB, and Ethernet.

hp Z800 CPU specs and Technology

Definitely uses the Quad-Core Intel® Xeon™ processor line which is introduced when Pentium 3 launched. Till then lots of changes come across of its development.

Newly Quad-Core Intel® Xeon™ processor 5500 Series, have CPU up to 130W and dynamic scalability.

Advantage of hafnium-based Intel® 45nm hi-k metal gate silicon technology. Intel® Microarchitecture (Nehalem) enables parallel processing.

The performance enabled by Intel® QuickPath technology providing an integrated memory controller and high-speed interconnects per independent processing core.

These processors incorporate an integrated 3-channel memory controller, architecture improvements, and huge L3 cache to unbeatable performance.

The hp z800 specs use the Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) to connect the processors and I/O controllers with speeds up to 6.4 GT/s.

List of hp z800 specs processors:

List of hp Z800 Compitable Processors

Intel Xeon W5580, 3.20GHz, 8MB L3, 1333MHz Memory, 130W

Intel Xeon E5504, 2.00GHz, 4MB cache, 800MHz Memory, 4.80 GT/s QPI, 80W

Intel Xeon E5506, 2.13GHz, 4MB cache, 800MHz Memory, 4.80 GT/s QPI, 80W

Intel Xeon E5520, 2.26GHz, 8MB cache, 1066MHz Memory, 5.86 GT/s QPI, 80W

Intel Xeon E5530, 2.40GHz, 8MB cache, 1066MHz Memory, 5.86 GT/s QPI, 80W

Intel Xeon E5540, 2.53GHz, 8MB cache, 1066MHz Memory, 5.86 GT/s QPI, 80W

Intel Xeon X5550, 2.66GHz, 8MB cache, 1333MHz Memory, 6.40 GT/s QPI, 95W

Intel Xeon X5560, 2.80GHz, 8MB cache, 1333MHz Memory, 6.40 GT/s QPI, 95W

Intel Xeon X5570, 2.93GHz, 8MB cache, 1333MHz Memory, 6.40 GT/s QPI, 95W

Random Access Memory (RAM) Technology

DIMM (dual in-line memory modules) are the DDR3 memory module with 1333MHZ clock speed. Capable with error check and correction (ECC).

According to hp Z800 specs have six direct-attach memory modules ( three for each processor.

Make possible fast data transfer and low latency access. Such a way improve its performance.

On the other hand, each CPU (maximum two CPU are present in hp z800) can be configured with six DIMM.

On the higher side, a 16GB memory stick can increase system memory size up to 192GB.

UDIMM : 24 GB max.

RDIMM : 192 GB max.

Graphics Technology

The workstation is far advance in technology of its time uses PCIe Gen2 (PCIe2) interface bus and capable to utilize the power of dual PCIe Gen2 graphic cards that can be placed in PCIe2 x16 slots.

Standard 850W power supply of workstation can support up to two 150W graphics cards. A second graphics card may be supported in the second PCIe2 x16 bus.

Which is subjected to overall system power limitations. With the optional 1110W power supply, the workstation can support up to two high power (~225W) graphic cards.

Also important to mention here that hp z800 specs fully support OpenGL, DirectX, and NVIDIA CUDA™ Parallel Processor Cores technology.

Supported Graphic Cards

ATI FirePro V3700  256MB Graphics Card

NVIDIA Quadro FX 380  256MB Graphics Card

NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 512MB Graphics Card

NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800 768MB Graphics Card

ATI FirePro V5700 512MB Graphics Card

NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800 1.0GB Graphics Card

NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 1.5GB PCIe Graphics Card


NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 4GB Graphics Card

ATI FirePro V7750 1.0GB Graphics Card

Expansion card slots

As per hp z800 specs, it has two Intel 5520 processors which give the capability of seven high-performance graphic and input/output expansion slots.

Here in hp Z800 workstation uses PCIe slot instead of PCI-X. Which provides improved speed, bandwidth, and performance.

PCI Express Connectors

PCIe2 x16,

Two Nos.

PCIe2 x16 (8)

Two Nos.

PCIe2 x8 (4)

One Nos.

PCIe x8 (4)

One Nos.

PCI Connectors (5.0V)

PCI 32b, 33MHz (also supports 64-bit cards)

One Nos.

Other Features

Other Features

SATA Interface

Six Integrated SATA 3.0Gb/sec controller Ports with RAID 0,
1, 5, 10 and NCQ. Default factory integrated RAID settings support Microsoft Windows only.

SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) Interface

Eight integrated LSI 8888ELP SAS 3.0Gb/sec controller Ports with HW RAID 0, 1,10. Controller also HP SAS Back
Panel Connector kit required for internal SAS HDD.


Dual Controller Broadcom 5764 PCI-E LAN Controller
Memory Integrated 48KB receive buffer and 8KB transmit buffer
Data rates supported 10/100/1000 Mbps
Compliance IEEE 802.3, 802.3AB and 802.3u compliant, 802.3x flow control
Bus architecture PCIe 1.0a
Data path width X1 to each controller
Data path speed 2.5Gbit per sec per direction transfer rate
Data transfer mode Bus-master DMA
Power requirement 1.0 watts @ +3.3V AUX supply
Boot ROM support Yes
Network transfer rate 10BASE-T (half-duplex) 10 Mbps
10BASE-T (full-duplex) 20 Mbps
100BASE-TX (half-duplex) 100 Mbps
100BASE-TX (full-duplex) 200 Mbps
1000BASE-T (full-duplex) 2000 Mbps
Microsoft Windows Vista Business 32 and 64, Microsoft Windows XP
Management capabilities WOL, PXE 2.1 and ASF 2.0
Optional Kit
Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Plus NIC (PCIe)
HP NC360T PCI Express Dual Port Gigabit NIC
Intel Gigabit CT Desktop NIC

Multimedia and Audio Devices

On board integrated Intel/Realtek HD ALC262 Audio
HP Thin USB Powered Speakers (Optional)
Creative X-Fi Titanium PCIe Audio Card (Optional)

Controller Cards

HP IEEE 1394b FireWire PCIe Card

Default software (only for windows XP comes in a form of CD)

HP Performance Tuning Framework
Roxio Easy Media Creator (CD or DVD burner)
Intervideo WinDVD with DVD player
HP Backup and Recovery
PDF Complete
Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition
Microsoft Office 2007 Trial Edition
HP Client Manager Software v6.2 (optional download)
HP ProtectTools Security

Optical and Removable Storage options

HP DVD+/-RW Drive
HP Slot Load DVD+/-RW Drive
HP Blu-Ray Writer
HP 22-in-1 Media Card Reader Kit (Workstations)
HP DX115 Removable Drive Enclosure
HP DX115 Carrier with 160GB SATA HDD
HP DX115 Removable HDD Frame/Carrier
HP DX115 Removable HDD Carrier

HDD (Hard Disk Drives) 

SAS HDD Options
146 GB 15K rpm SAS 3.0 Gb/s 3.5"
300 GB 15K rpm SAS 3.0 Gb/s 3.5"
450 GB 15K rpm SAS 3.0 Gb/s 3.5" 

SATA HDD Options
160 GB 7,200 rpm SATA 3.0 Gb/s with NCQ 3.5"
250 GB 7,200 rpm SATA 3.0 Gb/s with NCQ 3.5"
320 GB 7,200 rpm SATA 3.0 Gb/s with NCQ 3.5"
500 GB 7,200 rpm SATA 3.0 Gb/s with NCQ 3.5"
1 TB 7,200 rpm SATA 3.0 Gb/s with NCQ 3.5"
160 GB 10K rpm SATA with NCQ 2.5"
300 GB 10K rpm SATA with NCQ 2.5"

In case If first HDD is SATA, then secound HDD can be either SATA or SAS

Standard Input Devices

HP PS/2 Standard Keyboard
HP USB Standard Keyboard 
HP PS/2 Optical Scroll Mouse
HP USB 2-Button Optical Scroll Mouse
HP USB Laser Mouse
HP USB Optical 3-Button Mouse
HP USB Smart Card Keyboard
HP 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
HP USB Optical 3-Button 2.9M OEM Mouse
HP SpaceExplorer 3D USB Controller 
HP SpacePilot 3D USB Intelligent Controller

hp Z800 Specs supported Operating Systems (OS)

  • 32 bit Windows Vista® Business OS
  • 64 bit Windows Vista® Business OS
  • 32 bit Windows Vista® Business OS downgrade to Windows® XP Professional 32 bit OS
  • 64 bit Windows Vista® Business OS downgrade to Windows® XP Professional 64 bit OS
  • 64 bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS

Despite the above operating systems which usually pre-loaded are outdated.

But still, hp z800 workstation is a good option and perform better than lots of workstation of its range.

The good news is that the latest Windows 10 operating system and its parallel other operating systems (OS) like 64 bit Suse Linux Enterprise, 64 bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux supported very well.

Driver support also still available for these latest operating systems so no need to worry if you have such a workstation.

Hp z800 is still worth your money because its performance on the latest operating systems also outstanding.

Basic Troubleshooting LED Codes

The sequence of beeps and led blinking of the workstation at the time of start gives very useful information regarding diagnosing the issue.

Also important to make diagnose remotely or at least narrow down the suspected issue.

As per hp z800 specs at the time of workstation power on the very first step is to run Power On Self Test (POST).

On the failure of during test beep and led blinking status to represent the issue in that section to execute the POST test successfully.

Beep sound comes from the front panel chassis speaker for five cycles only. After that LED light (upside from power on button) blinks without a beep sound.

Case One

When the system boots normally after finishing all the POST test indicate one beep sound and one led blink.

Case Two

When Red LED blinks two times and beep sound two times with the cycle of one per second. Between the cycle is a two-second pause.

Diagnose :

Clearly indicate system and its component have not proper cooling. In other words, the workstation fan is not working.

Troubleshoot :

Step One :

First, visually inspect the airflow path of the workstation is not blocked. If blocked then make it clean then turn it on to verify the problem solved or not.

Step Two :

If the problem persists then open the workstation side cover (details as mentioned above in hp z800 specs component section).

Remove the inner air guide to inspect inner fans. Verify system fans, Ram cooling fans, and processor heat sink fans are running. Also, ensure the heat sink is properly seated on processors.

In case any of the fans are not running then check its power connector and reconnect if required otherwise replace the defective fan.

Case Three

Red LED blinks and beep occurs three times on power on. As mentioned above once in a second and two-second pause.

Diagnose :

Signify that processor related issue or not installed.

Troubleshoot :

Step One :

Open side cover of workstation, remove air guide, remove heat sink fan connector, and takeout heat sink.

Step Two :

Make sure the processor is installed. If not then install as per hp z800 specs.

Step Three :

When a processor is present then try to remove and place it again. Fix other components in proper manner and power on.

Step Four :

After re-seat processor problem continues need processor (tested working) replacement as per hp z800 specs.

Step Five :

Even processor replacement never works replace the motherboard as per hp z800 specs.

Case Four

Four beeps and four red LED blinks at the cycle of one per second and two-second pause before repeating the cycle.

Diagnose :

Indicates one or more power supply output failed otherwise its routing path is missing.

Mostly power supply outputs are directly routed through the motherboard.

Here need to isolate the defective component or device with the following steps.

Troubleshoot :

Step One :

Disconnect the workstation AC power supply plug from the back panel connector.

Open the left side panel along with all air guides so that can access all the devices or components.

Visually inspect every component of the workstation for any abnormality like burning sign or smell.

It makes it a lot easier to point out the problem and save time.

Ensure all the power supply connectors on the system board (motherboard) are properly connected.

Remove and reconnect if seems to be required.

Check and verify problem solved or not.

Step Two :

Remove all the devices at once but reconnect one by one. Observe the changes by attaching each device.

Thus can isolate the defective device witch is dropping the power supply.

Step Three :

In the previous step never get succeeded then need to cross-check power supply functionality.

The very first movement disconnects all the power supply output connectors from the motherboard (system mainboard) and peripheral devices.

Before performing the above steps make sure the AC input power cable is removed.

Now after removing all outputs of power supply connect input AC power supply plug.

Here need to verify the power supply fan is spinning and LED glowing.

Either fan not spinning or led not glowing then replace power supply otherwise replace system mainboard as per hp z800 specs.

Case Five

Red LED blinks and beep five times and frequency is 1 per second. For repeating 2 second’s pause.

Diagnose :

Definitely indication of pre-video memory error.

Troubleshoot :

Step One :

Remove left side panel cover, air guide, and Ram cooling fan assembly to access the ram modules.

Check every memory module properly seated. Remove ram modules clean it’s contacts and socket. After cleaning place it again properly then power on again.

Step Two :

No luck in the first attempt then replace the RAM module one by one and check for problem resolution. RAM module must be as per hp z800 specs.

Step Three :

Otherwise need to change the system board (Motherboard) if the above solutions never worked.

Case Six

The LED blinks red and beep sound six times at the frequency of one as said before two-second gap between two cycles.

Diagnose :

Here symptoms indicate pre-video graphic card issue.

Troubleshoot :

Step One :

Try to remove and reseat the graphic card and careful about its power connector.

Step Two :

Secondly replace the graphic card according to hp z800 specs.

Step Three :

Thirdly and final step is to replace the system’s mainboard (motherboard).

Case Seven

A beep sounds 7 times and Red Led blinks seven times remaining conditions are the same as before.

Diagnose :

Symptoms indicated system board (motherboard ) failure detected by ROM.

Troubleshoot :

Step One :

Very first step is try to reprogram flash ROM.

Step Two :

Otherwise replace system board as per hp z800 specs.

Case Eight

Blinking of red LED eight times simultaneously beep sound eight times at the rate of one beep per second and two-second break then repeat.

Diagnose :

Denote System ROM has a bad checksum, therefore, entering in failsafe boot block recovery mode.

Troubleshoot :

Step One :

Reprogram the flash ROM.

Step Two :

Otherwise replace the system board (motherboard).

Case Nine

Nine-time red LED blinks and beep sound one beep per second and two seconds pause before repeat.

Until seven cycles later beep sound goes off and only red LED blinks.

Diagnose :

Represents that system is turning on but not able to boot completely.

Troubleshoot :

Step One :

Firstly try to replace processor as per hp z800 specs.

Step Two :

Otherwise replace main system board as per hp z800 specs.

Note: During the service of the hp z800 workstation body should be well connected to the ground to protect components from static charge. Be aware and careful while the AC power plug is connected to a workstation. Do not work while consuming alcohol.

Which information can a customer find on the service label of their hp z8 workstation?


Service labels can be found inside of left side panel. It consists of information about motherboard ports and connectors.

Ram placement and configuration with different capacities. HDD setup and configuration.

Additional information about jumper settings and other hardware configurations as per hp z800 specs.

Why is my hp desktop computer not turning on?

To know the answer must have to follow diagnostic steps to pinpoint the problem. But first, verify input AC power for workstation has no issue.

For the diagnostic procedure for hp follow the hp z800 specs. Almost every computer has the same POST codes.

How to update bios in hp desktop?

Firstly on bios booting note down the current version of existing bios. To update bios need to be very careful because it can damage your hp desktop if never done properly.

Now go to the hp support center and check is there any bios upgrade is a release for an installed operating system? If available then download.

The next step is to flash ROM with the downloaded bios version. There is more than one method to flash ROM.
1.HPQFlash utility upgrades the BIOS directly in a Microsoft Windows operating system environment.
2.Downloaded package also has software utility and instruction set to update bios from DOS booting removable storage media.
3. Simplest method is press F10 while the system is turned on. When system setup utility opens then scroll and select the flesh bios option.
Copy of downloaded latest bios version must be inside the attached removable media.

The whole process should not be interrupted until the finish otherwise can damage the hp desktop permanently.

Can hp z800 run adobe premiere pro cc 2020

Undoubtedly it can run even will perform also very well even can install on windows 10 which perform very well oh hp z800 workstation.
Two Xeon processors and two higher-end 3D graphic cards with Cuda core can be used simultaneously with support up to 192 GB ram.
Definitely will perform extraordinarily. For more information can refer to hp z800 specs.

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