Kodi is a modern and unique way to watch tv channels, browse, play games on your TV. It is the ultimate entertainment center in one place.

A software Kodi install and Kodi addon elements free from software or hardware restrictions.

you can enjoy online media stream services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Hulu, Voot, Hotstar, and many more based on OTT (Over-The-Top) and VOD (video on demand) platforms. Also able to play internet radio stations.

It can be installed on Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, or Raspberry Pi.

Even Kodi can be installed on Amazon fire stick 4k, fire tv cube, fire tablet.

The very first release in 2002 as homebrew application known as Xbox media player only for Xbox play station. Later in 2004 changed into the Xbox media center (XBMC).

Now it is complete home theater software where can watch internet tv and can play media from DVD player or media storage device. It is more than just any smart tv or IPTV can perform.

Advantages of Kodi Install

It can convert any gadget into a media streaming device with a wired or wireless internet connection. Although it is a very light application on other hand very powerful.

Music support

Almost all popular music file formats like MP3, WMA, Wav, FLAC, etc. Able to create or arrange custom music list by cue sheet, tag support, ultimate smart playlist.

Video support

Like music files supports all streamable video formats. Also browse, import, and play video file formats from the internet or local storage device.

TV Shows

This feature keeps the track record of the progress of your episode/season via posters and banners. Also shows watched tags, show descriptions, genre, and cast.


Custom Photo Album Support

Can import personal pictures into the library and create customize albums with the slide show, the view of your choice, sort, or filter with custom parameters.

The PVR Support

The PVR feature allows us to watch and record live tv simultaneously without interruption with the help of an easy and interactive interface.

Some of the popular are Media Portal, NextPVR, Tvheadend, Myth TV, and many more.

Kodi Skins

Vary vast variety of Kodi skins allows you to select the theme of your choice that suits home theater.

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 1

Some popular skins are Andromeda, Aeon Nox, Chroma, fTV, Embury (Leia), etc.

Remote Controls

Here almost all kinds of remote controls support available. Basically designed for living room environment to control at a distance.

Even it supports keyboard, mouse, and touch control also. But can use any of the remotes that suit the environment and ease of use.

Some of major categories of remote controls are :

  • Infrared remote controls that support MCE standards.
  • Radio frequency-based remote controls such as Bluetooth.
  • Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) used in TV remotes, AV receiver,s etc.
  • Game player controllers game-pads-keyboards and joysticks, such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3/4, and Nintendo Wii.
  • Tablets and smartphones also can be used as a remote control with the installation of simple remote control applications.
  • One of the biggest advantages is that it can be embedded with Home Automation System to control along with light, fans, and other home appliances.
  • Apple Remote also supports the application.

Web Interface Support

JSON-RPC based remote interface allows to interface with any kind of browser and third-party tools.

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 2


It is a modern interface for Kodi that allows to access movies, tv shows, and kinds of music. See what is the current playlist.

Also discover new movies and tv shows on tablets, laptops with browsers installed on devices.


Ajax-based Web interface for XBMC for play/pause/stop/skip. Even can show the details like an album, genre, movies, favorite tv shows.

Supports almost all the famous browsers like chromium firefox and internet explorer.


It is also XMBC based modern web user interface it is similar to the previous one but works well with chrome although play with all the latest browsers.


Mainly for convert mobile, personal computer, tablet, or laptop into a remote control device.

kodi ISS hd Earth from Space

Here in the video going to demonstrate how to set up a NASA channel and can see Earth view through ISS ( international space station) in real-time using Kodi.

My experience makes me amaze hope people like me also like to watch earth like this.

Kodi Addons

The main beauty is countless Kodi addons components for Kodi install.

Sometimes a very vast variety of add-on elements makes confusion for users to select the best Kodi addons.


Here I will try to explain the add-on systematically to understand them in a better way so that can be used or install as and when required.

Featured Kodi Addons

These kinds of addons add the specific feature to the application such as:

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 3

Kodi Android Installer: Download and Install android based packages.

Plex: Plex addon install package.

SoundCloud: Addon for podcast and audio streaming. collections of millions of songs.

Pluto TV Kodi addon: It is a real internet tv platform that provides more than a hundred channels (entertainment, paramount movies, news, and sports).

Crackle Addon: From Sony Pictures Entertainment provides web shows, movies, etc.

HDHomeRun: Collect all the information of HD compatible recording/playback devices into your network.

It can play and record from your device or can play from tv channels.

New Kodi Addons

These are newly develop addons recently added in repository.

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 4

Channel logos and artwork used in Catch-up TV & More.

Iran International TV

Metadata Editor script for library update.

The Regio TV addon provides the list of all running Flemish regional television stations.

Radio Record is Russian channel addon.

TV maze is global TV database.

Recent updates of Kodi Addons

These addon list about updates in Kodi addon repository.

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 5

Categories based kodi Addons

The best way to arrange add-ons in categories makes it easy to select the addon of our choice. A short description of addon categories is as follows.

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 6

Audio Decoder

Basically collection of video game console audio output emulators, MIDI, MOD, and game supported audio file player.

Few examples are GME Audio Decoder, GSF Audio Decoder, Modplug Audio Decoder, Timidity Audio Decoder, VGM Audio Decoder, YM Audio Decoder.

Audio Encoder

Provide flexibility of recording audio in different voice file formats. For example Flac Audio Encoder, Lame MP3 Audio Encoder, Vorbis Audio Encoder, Wav Audio Encoder.


Here in this category contains the list of add-ons that add a variety of different features in the context-menu list.

Such as Copy File To Storage, Alternative Movie Posters, Embury Info – Open dialog, Maps Browser – Show location, Skin Helper Service, Show Runtime, and many more.

Game add-ons

There are two subcategories for gaming. Firstly controller profiles which contain almost all kind of input devices for dedicated games.

Nintendo Virtual Boy Controller, Nintendo 64 Controller, Atari XG-1 Lightgun, ColecoVision Controller, Konami Justifier (PS), PC Joystick (4-Button), Neo Geo Pocket, IMB Model M Keyboard, and so on.

Secondly, game-client is a collection of emulators of popular game consoles. Just install from here and they can start playing games on Kodi.

Some popular game emulators are Atari – Jaguar (Virtual Jaguar), Atari – ST/STE/TT/Falcon (Hatari), Doom (PrBoom), Nintendo – Game Boy Advance (mGBA), Sega – Saturn (Yabause), etc.

Image Decoder or HEIF Image Decoder

Pictires decoder based on libheif.

Information Providers

Album information, TV information, Movie information, Artist information, Music video information are here to provide information about what you are watching.


Collection of scripts such as Video Language Script, Skin Info Service, Music Finder Script, Skin Helper Service ColorPicker, Revolve skin script, Random, and Last items script.

Look and Feel

As clear by name contains overall theme related (Skins, Screensaver, Languages, Image collections, GUI sounds) addon. Every section has lots of options to select your choice and theme.

Lyrics or CU LRC Lyrics

This one can search synchronized/unsynchronized lyrics from stored files. It can read .lrc/.txt music files saved on the same path by the same file name with mp3 or any music file.

Music Kodi Addons

iPlayer WWW, LastFM Tube, Apple iTunes Podcasts, Danish Netradio, AudioPodcatcher, 100FM Radius Digital, CherryMusic, JamBMC (Jamendo XBMC), Release FM, and more options here to add podcast or internet radio.

Even OneDrive, Google Drive also can be configured for stored music. All those kinds of add-ons fall into this category.

Picture Addons

Almost all digital picture sharing/store platform can be configured from here.

The most popular digital picture sharing platforms addons are google, Google Drive, iPhoto, OneDrive, PCloud Video Streaming, Facebook Media, Flickr, Garfield, Cyanide & Happiness.

weather Addons

Yahoo! Weather, Weather China, OpenWeatherMap Extended, Met Office, Gismeteo includes weather-related information on TV.

PVR Clients

PVR IPTV Simple Client, Enigma2 Client, Tvheadend HTSP Client, PVR WMC Client, Zattoo PVR Client, MythTV PVR Client, MediaPortal PVR Client, VBox TV Gateway PVR Client.

Video Addons

Apple iTunes Podcasts, British Council Film, BGTime.TV, CBC Olympics, CNET Podcasts, CNN, Comedy Central, Comet TV Live.

ComicBook.com – YouTube, DailyMotion.com, Facebook Media, Fox News, Nasa, National Geographic, and many more video channels for tv shows, news, and video content.

Services Addon

Install features other than regular entertainment-related addons. Here are few ones that are as follows.

Mail Notifier, Kodi Screen Reader, Kodi Callbacks, MyEpisodeCalendar, Party mode autostart.

Sleep Timer, TVHeadend Power, and Recording Management, XBMC Alarm clock.

Kodi Install On Windows 10, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux

Almost the same methods are used for the latest Kodi Leia v18.6 version installation.

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 7

Firstly go to the Kodi download page and scroll down until “choose your weapon” appears as shown in the picture.

As you choose (click) over the operating system of your choice then a menu will appear and three options will be there.

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 8
  • Recommended: Kodi Leia v18.6 stable version for 32bit or 64 bit can be download for the operating system of your choice.
  • Pre Release: Kodi Leia v18.7 Nightly is a pre-release version that later will convert into a stable release. Do not fear bugs or crashes then can opt for this option.
  • Development Builds: Kodi v19 “Matrix” nightly is semi-stable of the development version. Nightly means the most recent version which is made on daily basis.

Apart from that need source code for own custom builds then follow the following git repository instructions.

$ git clone git://github.com/xbmc/xbmc.git

After complete download run the setup and install it in the directory of your choice.

In between shortcut and icon making option will be display select wisely.

For working properly need to configure first which is described in the coming configuration section.

Kodi Install on Firestick and Fire TV

Very first is download the downloader and for that need to type download in the search area.

From the result, list selects and install downloaders from the official site.

Better is to enable download apps from the unknown source because Kodi install is not going to download from the Amazon app store.

Reboot the Firestick or Fire TV and then maybe pop up will come up in the application feed.

Here you will see downloader in the installed app section.

Then open downloader and paste Kodi install page URL. After that downloader will redirect to the download page. Select the right version and install it.

As soon as the installation is complete Kodi install icon will appear in recent apps. From here app can be launched.

Hardware setup of Raspberry Pi for Kodi Install

Just in case you are not familiar with Raspberry pi then I will recommend going to “Raspberry Pi setup ” before going ahead further Kodi install on raspberry pi.

The last thing that needs to add which is not mentioned is a sensor for the IR remote.

If you do not want to use CEC TV or smartphone as a remote device. Most of the Kodi install options work well with the raspberry pi GPIO IR sensor.

TSOP4838 Ir sensor is cheap and common even can get online or near component shop/repairing.

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 9

As shown Connect sensor with GPIO pins and arrange such a way to remain straight in line with IR remote control.

If Kodi installs with LibreELEC then open the config.txt file with an editor and add the following line in the file.


And if you wish to assign a GPIO pin other than number 18 then add a line in the file with the respective PIN.


Suppose if you are using OSMC then most probably it will work by default if not then go to my OSMC then open remote options and from here select the remote controller.

From here Raspberry Pi is ready for Kodi to install to get an experience of own home theater.

Kodi Install On Raspberry Pi

The best way to Kodi install on raspberry is OSMC, LibreELEC (Leia) images can be download and burn to the SD card.

Another way is to copy noobs to an SD card that is already pre loaded LibreELEC for Kodi install.

Once burn an image into an SD card or copy noobs into the SD card then put it into the raspberry pi.

Before power up verify all the connections of the attached input and output.

Also, confirm the internet is connected and working properly.

When Kodi installs using noobs then the noobs window will open and here need to select LibreELEC to continue Kodi install.

During the Kodi, the install may ask for some options to select and can be shutdown/restart many times.

After some time will boot the first time and need to configure.

Kodi Install On Raspberry Pi with command line

Open command monitor from an installed operating system (list of an operating system from the official website of raspberrypi.org ).

Type and press enter the repository to list of sources.

echo ‘deb http://pipplware.pplware.pt/pipplware/dists/jessie/main/binary /’ | sudo tee —

append /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pipplware_jessie.list

Now again type the following repository key on the command prompt and press enter.

wget -O – http://pipplware.pplware.pt/pipplware/key.asc | sudo apt-key add –

Update all available packages list.

sudo apt-get update

Kodi install command

sudo apt-get install kodi

Again upgrade all the installed packages.

sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Configuration Setup on First Boot

On the first boot up Kodi installs interface and appearance will be the same on every device until never make changes by the user.

Left top of the screen as shown in image a gear symbol is present in center click on it.

A system menu will open with several icons. Firstly click on the System icon and the following options menu will appear on the left side of the screen.

On the other side, the setting option will be displayed according to menu option selection.

  • Display
  • Audio
  • Input
  • Internet Access
  • Power Saving
  • Add-ons
  • Logging

Below these menus again gear sign will be present to select setting mode Standard, Advanced, Expert and basic.

The mode selection is up to users expertise level. But as for beginning will focus on two settings internet access and Addon.

Because the rest of the settings are can be configured easily and no need for any specific instructions.

Internet access setting will ask about the proxy setting which is for online network protection.

If you are not familiar so much can leave this setting and can use VPN services.

Next is data bandwidth limitation it is up to you to want to limit it or not.

In the addon menu options first is the update/notification option. Better to select “Notify but don’t install update” to avoid auto-install.

The second and important option is “unknown sources”. Make it enable otherwise won’t be able to install a third-party repository.

During enable will warn you because a third-party repository is never controlled by the official developer group.

Kodi Skin Selection and Install

Click on setting (gear icon) then click interface icon. The first menu option is Skin click on it again click on skin right side.

Pop up window will open and will show Estouchy (default touch screen device Kodi skin) and Estuary ( default Kodi skin).

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 10

Some latest and beautiful Kodi skin list :

  • ACE 2
  • Aeon MQ8
  • Aeon Nox: SiLVO
  • Aeon Tajo
  • Amber
  • AppTV
  • Aura
  • Bello7
  • BOX
  • fTV
  • Embury (Leia)

Select the get more options and from here the latest skin list will be present to select. Choose a skin that suits to home theater arrangement.

What is Kodi Addon Repository

Must be aware from google play store/App store in an android operating system installed in cellphones.

Else Apple store installed on apple devices. From here applications can be downloaded and install.

Similarly, for Kodi addons, repositories are containers on GitHub where developers and third party upload their apps (Kodi addon) for download and installation.

Most of the repositories are downloaded in zip format. Which we will install in the coming topics.

Install Exodus Kodi Addon

There are two versions Exodus V8 and Exodus Redux but the second one is more popular.

Although the installation process for both is almost the same.

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 11

Before proceeding make sure Setting>system>unknown sources are enabled.

Press the ESC button to come back to the previous menu and select the file manager from here.

Click on add source and again click on none which is in the new window.

Here will ask for “Enter the paths or browse for the media locations”. Type https://i-a-c.github.io/ and press the ok button.

Enter the name for this media source here choose and enter the name of your choice and click ok.

Now the folder of the given name will be listed in a file manager.

After confirming in file manager pres ESC key once and then click on the addon.

Select Install from Zip file> Redux > repositoryexosudredux-0.0.8.zip then click ok and wait till add-on installed message to display on the right top side of the screen.

Now again click install from repository > Exodus Redux Repo > Video addons > Exodus Redux then click on install.

Exodus options install list will be displayed then click ok and wait until installation finished message appear.

On the home screen Exodus, the redux icon will be present click on it can launch the application.

Install Netflix kodi addon

Firstly make sure in the Kodi addon setting “unknown source” is enabled.

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 12

Similarly as done during installation of other addon click to the gear icon on the home screen then select file manager.

Click on add source and paste https://github.com/castagnait/repository.castagnait/raw/master/repository.castagnait-1.0.1.zip and click ok.

A repository name can be custom define (default or your choice). After entering the name click on ok.

Press the ESC key one time and will reach the previous menu. Here click on Addon > Install from zip file.

Select repository.castagnait-1.0.1.zip and click the ok button. After finishing again go to the previous menu and click on “Install from Repository“.

Select Video Add-ons > CastagnaIT Repository > Netflix and install.

When the installation is finished then click and open Netflix Addon. Create or configure a Netflix account along with regional settings for streaming Netflix content.

Install PVR Clients Kodi Addon

With PVR Clients can watch more than 2000 IPTV channels, movies, live TV shows.


To setup PVR Clients need to follow below steps:

  • On the home screen click on the gear icon (setting)
  • From the icon, the list selects PVR Clients.
  • Scroll down the list to locate  PVR IPTV Simple Client.
  • Right-click on that and select the M3U Play List URL.
  • Paste https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fluxustv/IPTV/master/list.m3u
  • Click on Ok after that click again to confirm the installation.
  • May need to restart during installation.
  • Choose PVR IPTV Client and press ‘Enable’. All channels will be loaded.

Install YouTube Kodi Addon

It’s easy to install youtube because it is already added in the video addon.

Kodi Install From Begining on Any OS 13

Firstly as usual click on the gear icon on the home screen then click on the addon.

From the list select and click on video addon. Once again here you will see the very long list.

Scroll the list until getting youtube as you get to click on it and install it. For additional components click on ok.

After installation finished massage appear then open youtube and create or configure a youtube account.

Best kodi movie addons

There is a vast list of Kodi movie add-ons that always make confusion in the mind.

Due to try and test random addons install unwanted and unnecessary things which make an ugly home screen.

The list of few best kodi movie addons are:

  • Popcornflix
  • Exodus Redux
  • PVR IPTV Simple Client
  • iPlayer WWW
  • Pluto.TV
  • FilmRise
  • Classic Cinema
  • Shout Factory TV
  • Crackle
  • Netflix
  • YouTube

Above movie, add-ons are not only for movies although can watch TV shows, Tele series, etc.

Interesting thing is that most in that are free and legal. Using subtitle addon can be used to translate subtitle in own language.

JioTV Kodi addon Install for Indian Channels

Before installing JioTV Kodi Addon as usual make sure the ‘unknown source’ addon setting is enabled.

More than that must have Kodi VPN service or need to set a proxy server setting for India.

Open from home screen setting > file manager > add source. Click on none and type https://kodi.botallen.com in the down give any name of your choice.

Back to the setting menu and select add on and then click on install from the zip file and select repository.botallen-1.0.0.zip and install.

Similar to other Kodi addon installations back to addon menu and select install from repository.

Here search and select BotAllen repository then install as we do.

As soon as it gets install and the Kodi VPN set for India location click on an icon to enjoy JioTV channels.

Kodi VPN

As soon as any topic arises about Kodi definitely in between or later Kodi VPN discussion comes up.

This article going to cover most of kodi vpn not only VPN.

What is VPN and why do I need it?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), mainly used to create a secure connection from our device to a network using the Internet.

As concerning for users can be used to access region-restricted websites, shield, browsing activity from spying on the internet.

Also, protect from cookies and websites that traceback our personal information and data.

Almost every modern operating systems support a VPN.

How VPN Works ?

Almost every major VPN service provider have their servers in all countries or major countries of that region. When we select the server location for us from the VPN service provider.

Then the VPN server assigns a local IP address to our device and hides original information from the targeted server or website that wants to access our device.

Advantages of Kodi VPN

There is more than one advantage of using a VPN for Kodi.

Firstly is by choosing a specific region or country we can watch programs, TV shows or movies only for a particular region or country.

Secondly keeps you as an autonomous user to protect us from hacking or phishing while we install the unknown applications.

How to install Kodi VPN

Mainly here going to explain for Raspberry Pi because for other platforms is quite easy and simple.

Also lots of support available for that. The procedure is the same for LibreELEC and OSMC.


OpenVPN is the key to getting Kodi VPN to work correctly.

LibreELEC and OpenELEC latest versions both have this installed by default.

Open Settings > file manager > add source and paste the following link https://github.com/Zomboided/repository.zomboided.plugins/releases/download/1.0.0/repository.zomboided.plugins-1.0.0.zip

Go to beck menu and click on Addon > install from zip > repository.zomboided.plugins-1.0.0.zip

Press ESC and again go back to the previous menu and click on install from repository > Zomboided add-on repository > VPN Manager for OpenVPN.

Then click on install and wait till install complete massage not shown.

After installation pop-up window will come and will display VPN Manager Installed Please set up a VPN Provider and then validate a connection.

As click on the ok new page opens from here you can select VPN service provider account details, location, and more settings as required.

A shortcut will be created on the home screen for instant access.

Kodi Install is legal ?

Yes, Emphatically legal and distributed under GNU General Public Licence.

It Can be installed on any device or hardware of your choice for free because of its open-source in nature.

Developer’s nonprofitable Foundation is very transparent and all the codes are available on GitHub for free of cost.

Anyone can modify and can redistribute under GNU General Public Licence.


Kodi is a unique platform of its kind because in the present scenario where rulers of developed and developing countries are trying to control their peoples in both ways.

Firstly they are directly restricting us by force to watch what they wish for to watch us even we are paying for that.

Secondly controlling and manipulating the sources of information according to their convenience to promote their agenda.

Here Kodi gives us the freedom to choose and can be anonymous with the help of a VPN.

Again I want to make sure if there is power then responsibility also never misuse like quantum physics can provide nuclear bomb but also cure for cancer.

Wish to know how to set up Raspberry pi or want to know what is raspberry pi so that can install Kodi on it as a media center then follow what is raspberry pi.

Want to make your own voice assistance then Mycroft Ai or Alexa.

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