Although Silicon Graphics O2 and Octane discontinue from production a long time back. But still running and working as part of machines like CT scan and MRI Scanner.

Hence Sgi O2 diagnostics troubleshooting still required from time to time to keep those machines up and running.

But those computers are still stable and less failure rate in software and hardware both.

Those sgi workstations were state of art at that time no other computer technology could compete with their unique applications.

When there was a huge demand for such a workstation or computer which can support multimedia, graphics, animation, and special effects.

Surprisingly there was no other alternative to address such an opportunity.

Many industries need image processing solutions adopted quickly and started to use in their products.

Beginning of Sgi O2 diagnostics troubleshooting

The workstation has provided a safety loop and sensors to continuously monitor operating conditions.

If the power supply cooling fan speed reduces less than 80% system initiates a shutdown process.

If any sensor detects 70 °C ( 158 °F) or above temperature anywhere inside the system turn off the system automatically.

Any power supply voltage should not be variable more than 20% otherwise system will shut down.

All the above safety loops protect the workstation from further damage of components until the problem is diagnosed.

Sgi O2 Diagnosis Codes

When power on the Sgi O2 like modern days computer BIOS test power-on test starts running.

Perform a test on CPU, ASIC, PROM, DIMM Memory, Cash memory, PIC ASIC, PCI Buses, Serial Buses, SCSI controller, and interfaces and Graphics test sequentially.

After completion of the power-on test successfully the maintenance windows appear.

To enter the Maintenance Menu then click the button or press the Esc key otherwise, the system will start to load an operating system.

The booting process runs automatically without any manual input requirements.

But Sgi O2 diagnostics troubleshooting required when the system power-on test fails and the system not able to boot.

Such condition front panel LED color and their blink sequence indicate Sgi O2 diagnosis codes for further hardware troubleshooting.

The following flow chart defines the error code meaning and possible hardware failure respectively.


Almost every hardware problem comes under above error codes.

IDE Test for Sgi O2 diagnostics troubleshooting

Integrated diagnostic environment (IDE) test run from boot PROM level.

When the power-on self-test finishes successfully then Startup the system with a stop for maintenance button will appear.

Otherwise can press the Esc button two times then the maintenance menu will appear.


Select the third option run diagnostics to perform all the device tests automatically. On pressing the Esc key the test will stop.


The IDE test for Sgi O2 diagnostics troubleshooting is useful when the power on test have no issue but the operating system is not loading or shutting down.

Recover / Restore IRIX from Crash

Most of the time when the operating system reboots after a crash or improper shutdown recover automatically.

But when IRIX not able to recover in auto mode then this feature is useful to recover and protect configuration, settings, and data.

For using this feature need to take system backup from time to time using System Manager Backup Tool or /usr/sbin/Backup script.


Here create / Restore backup locally on local tape, CD ROM drive, and remote tap, remote directory available on other systems connected in the network.


Whenever the backup / Restore process is performed all the previous data on the device overwritten or replaced with new data.

In case the restore process not able to recover IRIX operating system and data then perform IRIX 6.5 installation on Sgi O2.

After successful installation again tries to attempt the restore process.

Disable maintenance password for Sgi O2 diagnostics troubleshooting

If the maintenance password is enabled then for accessing the maintenance menu need a password.

Otherwise need to reset the password first to run maintenance menu options.

Sgi O2 Diagnostics Troubleshooting 1

For disabling passwords and continue Sgi O2 diagnostics troubleshooting make sure system power is off and the power cord is removed.

Then take out the power module tray and make a connection between the antistatic wrist band and module metal chassis.

As shown in the image remove jumper and put it on location as shown in the above image.

Remove wrist band connection and reseat system module back.

After ensure about all the connections connect the power plug and start the system.

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