It is very exciting to install windows 10 on raspberry pi. Because Windows 10 is the latest release of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Before it was very tedious to install such an operating system on Arm-based platforms and hard to get support for it.

Thanks to raspberry pi for giving such a platform in low cost.

Firstly make it possible to experimenting as well as making projects. Now let’s begin the installation of windows 10 on raspberry pi.

Prerequisite Windows 10 On Raspberry Pi Setup

As mentioned earlier here I will try to keep installation as simple as possible, but finally not going to use noobs.

Because noobs never support windows 10 IoT. only the way is to go with Microsoft way.

How to setup raspberry pi hardware and noobs explained in detail “Raspberry Pi “.

Firstly need a clear understanding of hardware and related software for setup. The above link will guide you to do so.

If you are familiar with that then follow the next steps. Otherwise, refer to my previous post for a fresh beginning.

Begin Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi setup

Verify first all the setup is as per the guide. Also, verify internet connectivity through lan or wifi.

From here go to the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT page and click on Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard.


Once it is downloaded click it and run the setup. After that click on set up a new device. The following page will display.


Insert SD Card into a computer and it will detect. Allow to erase the SD Card and fill in the administrator password of your choice.

Then tick on accept also click on download and install.

If you wish you can configure Wi-Fi here itself. Usually, the Wi-Fi config is always tricky on Raspberry Pi.

Finally, windows 10 IoT Core is downloaded on an sd card. At last close, all the new open windows and remove the sd card from the computer.

Booting Windows 10 IoT Core

Firstly put windows 10 IoT Core loaded sd card into Raspberry Pi Board. Verify all the connections of your setup again and turn on the power.

Importantly do not close the IoT Dashboard page. Because we will communicate and will perform tasks on Raspberry Pi from here.

It is also important to control and deploy projects from here.

As soon as you turn on the power of Raspberry Pi. The following screen will appear.

In case the monitor is connected with the Raspberry Pi Board.

Do not hurry if it takes a long time here to configure be patient. Now after that will see welcome to windows 10 IoT Core.

Again after sometime later circuit board picture will come up. Stay still and wait.

Windows 10 IoT Core Configuration On Raspberry Pi


Now you will see the Windows 10 IoT Core language selection option.

Also will display the device name, IP address, and OS version.

Select your language and click to next. Again it will ask about data sharing with Microsoft.


Press on the option of your choice and click on next for next page.


From here select either want to share location or not. As did previously click on accept and now the home screen will come up.


Here at the end just click the four square icons at the left top of the screen and the default windows 10 desktop will appear as shown.


Congrats now you have windows 10 on your own Raspberry Pi. From here try to explore different options and settings.

Try to access and control from windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard.

Because it will help a lot to improve understanding. Also will help to make Windows 10 based projects run on Raspberry Pi.

First Windows 10 IoT Core Project On Raspberry Pi

Obviously, after a successful installation would like to run the project really quickly.

Here “Hello World” is the first project going to demonstrate.

Firstly open IoT Dashboard after confirmation of windows 10 on Raspberry Pi is up and running well.

Also verify network and internet connectivity as well.

Click on “Try Some Samples”. As you can see here very first project is hello world.


Again click on “Hello World” and next screen will come up.


From here select the device, in our case which is Raspberry Pi, and click deploy and run.

That’s it now our project is going to run the first time on windows 10 on Raspberry pi.
Now on Raspberry Pi monitor will show the following message as shown on the previous page.


As you can see as click on the “click me” button above message will be displayed on a monitor.

Even you can stop from IoT Dashboard.

In case want to run a project independently on Raspberry Pi, just go to the icon of the app on the home screen.

Here will see all deploy projects from here you can click and run the project.

Facts About Windows 10 IoT Core

Since Windows 10 the Microsoft support for different devices and platforms improves. The same advantage is here for Raspberry Pi.

With the help of a custom, the interface provides GUI based environment as the strength of windows.

Just develop desired application using desktop or laptop.

At the same time, you can deploy projects on Raspberry Pi and run projects from the computer.

On but other hand windows 10 on Raspberry Pi is not much faster. Also no update for Raspberry Pi 4.

Although it is very exciting to make projects using such a platform. There is good support available for 3D Printer projects.

Popular Applications with Windows 10 On Raspberry Pi

Some popular applications or projects on Raspberry Pi using windows 10 as follows.

Cortana Home Assistance

Yes, what you are thinking is right. It is a windows product similar to google assistance and Amazon Alexa.

As default feature of windows 10 on your laptop, desktop, or tablet. Also can run on Raspberry Pi as assistance.

3D Printer

There is lots of support for 3d printing projects not even for custom but third-party 3d printer support also available.

Visual Studio for Custom App

Hooray using visual studio can make an app in less time and the rest of the advantages are still there.

Microsoft tries to keep everything as simple as possible. A full description of the visual studio is out of scope.

Still wish to know ? please write me in comment.

Robot Kit

Lots of DIY projects can make using windows 10 on raspberry Pi and Visual Studio.

It makes it easy to design and develop an entire project without complexity.

In my opinion, Windows 10 is a good platform for embedded system development. But still, need to cross many miles.

Over a period of time, Microsoft will provide more support for such platforms.

If you wish to know more or any doubts can write me in the comments. I will try to write more about it as soon as possible.

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