What is  a Cyclotron 


The major objective of scientists is to find out exactly what parts make up the universe. 


The cyclotron one of the machines used to accelerate the positive or negative charged particles/ion's to do the bombarding on the selected target is called a particle accelerator.


A negatively charged hydrogen ion is injected into the vacuum chamber of the cyclotron where 2-D shaped plates are enclosed between the poles of a powerful electromagnet. 

Medical Cyclotron

The cyclotron produces radioisotopes for medical and biological research and for use in PET-CT scanners as tracers  ( isotopes ). 


The radioisotope is then added to a molecule in this case a sugar molecule  ( FDG )  making a radiopharmaceutical that can easily be absorbed by the human body.


The Large Hadron Collider ( LHC ) is the most common example used to discover  Higgs Boson  partical.


It is a particle accelerator that is used to smash the nucleus of atoms and break them into more tiny parts or particles. 

When particles strike together with nucleolus such an extremely powerful momentum breaks into tiny and more tiny particles.